The Backstage Project Podcast with Mark Silver focuses on the stories behind the biggest and best entertainment products, events, and companies. We go behind the scenes with amazing people who have done or are doing extraordinary things to entertain you, the audience. From sporting events to concerts, from cable tv to music apps; if it’s made an impact on the entertainment world, we cover it.

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Launch Day – The Backstage Project Podcast

Welcome to the launch of The Backstage Project Podcast! I’m Mark Silver, and I’ll be your guide as we weave our way through the history, here and now, and future of the Canadian sports and entertainment landscape.  The Backstage Project Podcast...

Welcome to The Backstage Project

Thanks for taking the time to come to our little corner of the web. We are really excited about our new podcast project — if we do say so ourselves. The Backstage Project Podcast is composed of three long-time entertainment and tech...

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